Head of the group Dr. Yu.E.Loginov

The facility for the study of neutron capture gamma-rays

Responsible physicist Dr. Yu.E.Loginov

   The device consisting of neutronguide and different type -detectors is installed at the horizontal channel 8 of the WWR-M reactor. The logarithmic neutronguide is placed inside the reactor biological shielding. It forms a thin (of width about 1 mm) neutron beam with the intensity of 2107 n cm-2 s-1 and the mean wavelength of about 2.8 . Various types of semiconductor (Si(Li), Ge(Li) and HPGe) and scintillation detectors are used in experiments with neutron capture -rays. An experimental information is stored in the amplitude analyser and data processing is performed according to programs where different forms of line are used.

    The nuclear structure studies were performed by the measurements of -spectra and coincidences in the ( n,)-reaction with isotopically enriched targets. The structure of odd-odd nuclei of 104Rh, 108Ag, 110Ag, 114In, 116In, 122Sb, 124Sb, 128I, 130I, 134Cs, 142Pr, 192Ir, 194Ir and even-even 180Hf had been studied in the last 20 years in collaboration with European and American research groups. The results had been published in Izv. of Russian Acad. of Science and in Nuclear Physics, and had been reported at Int.Symp. on Neutron Capture Gamma Ray Spectroscopy.

    The applied investigations are based on the measurements of -spectra from neutron capture by the isotopes of each element. The -spectra corresponding to individual isotope are different, hence, the quantitative determinantion of both elemental and isotopic content of the sample is possible. The in-beam measurements do not change the composition and the structure of samples. As an example the investigation of antimony behavior in the process of the preparation of HTSC-ceramics and measurement of boron contents in river sediments and geochemical standards from China and the USA can be mentioned.