Research areas
 Crystal structure - the study of correlation of structural and physical properties
Rare-earth hexaborides: Debay-Waller factors, site occupancies.
Crystal structure and lattice dynamics of rare-earth hexaborides.
Indications for the structural pressure-induced phase transition in samariun hexaboride.
Rare-earth formates: hydrogen bonding, thermal decomposition, magnetic ordering.
Rare-earth manganites: magnetic ordering, Jahn-Teller effect, anisotropic line broadenning.
Structure, magnetic and transport properties of 154Sm0.4Sr0.6MnO3 manganite.
I. Crystal structure and magnetic ordering in 154Sm0.4Sr0.6MnO3 manganite - neutron powder diffraction.
II. Paramagnetic bulk state in 154Sm0.4Sr0.6MnO3 manganite - linear susceptibility and second harmonic of magnetization.
III. Magnetic ingomogenious state below TC in 154Sm0.4Sr0.6MnO3 manganite - small angle scattering of polarized neutrons.
IV. Temperature evolution of crystal structure and coexistance of different magnetic phases in 154Sm0.4Sr0.6MnO3 manganite.
Hihg-Tc cuprates detailed structural studies.
  Study of structure perfection of real single crystals
Neutron monochromators, based on Heisler alloys, plastically deformed Ge.
Crystals with optical and/or acoustical activity.
Alloys Si-Ge with various concentration.
Silicon crystals with swirl distribution of point defects.
MBE heterostructures CaF2/Si.
Quartz crystals with low dislocation density.

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