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 21 Aug 2000
Site mirror opened.                                                                                            
 16 Jun 2000
Crystal structure and lattice dynamics of rare-earth hexaborides.
Indications for the structural pressure-induced phase transition in samariun hexaboride.
Structure, magnetic and transport properties of 154Sm0.4Sr0.6MnO3 manganite.
I. Crystal structure and magnetic ordering in 154Sm0.4Sr0.6MnO3 manganite - neutron powder diffraction.
II. Paramagnetic bulk state in 154Sm0.4Sr0.6MnO3 manganite - linear susceptibility and second harmonic of magnetization.
III. Magnetic ingomogenious state below TC in 154Sm0.4Sr0.6MnO3 manganite - small angle scattering of polarized neutrons.
IV. Temperature evolution of crystal structure and coexistance of different magnetic phases in 154Sm0.4Sr0.6MnO3 manganite.
 06 Jun 2000
Appearing information about laboratory staff.                                                      
 05 Jun 2000
Information refreshing of "G4.2 multi-counter high resolution diffractometer".     
 01 Jun 2000
Opened "Neutron guides" part.                                                                     
 26 May 2000
Site opened.                                                                                                 

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