Parameters of the Silicon Polarizer

The general view of compact multichannel polarizer on the base of supermirrors 54FeFe/Al on silicon substrates with absorbing Cd sublayer is shown. The critical angle of this supermirror coating equals m=1.7. The silicon flat wafers pressed each to other without air interruptions between massive Al plates. In this type polarizer neutrons come through silicon only. The polarizing cross-section of this polarizer for cold neutrons equals width * height = 8*50 mm2 and length of it is only 21 mm! The magnitude of saturated field is 250 Oe.

Transmission T and polarizing efficiency P of such type polarizer
are shown. As follows from this figure, the polarizing efficiency
P is very high in the wide range of wavelengths and it is not worse
then polarizing efficiency of supermirrors FeCoV/TiZr.