Parameters of a typical multichannel polarizer

The basis of multichannel neutron polarizers is CoFeV/TiZr supermirrors with the TiZrGd underlayer on the glass substrate of thickness 0.3 mm. The supermirrors severed, on top and bottom, by steel spacers are squeezed between the surfaces of the puncheon and the matrix, both made of non­magnetic materials. To avoid the direct view, the channels formed by the supermirrors are bent into circumference. Such a device polarizes neutrons with wavelengths ≥1.4 Å. The stack of the supermirrors is fixed within a permanent magnet. The field magnitude is 250-300 Oe. A polarizer with total dimensions 180x180x840 mm3 polarizes a neutron beam with a cross section 50x100 mm2.

The transmittance of the polarizer channels for spin-up (+) neutrons as a function of the neutron wavelength (measured in IRI Delft).

The polarizing efficiency of the polarizer as a function of the neutron wavelength (measured in IRI Delft).


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