Soller Collimators

The Soller collimator for the diffractometer SKAT. The beam cross section is 50x50 mm2 . The collimator length is 200 mm. Full width at half maximum of the collimated beam is 5 mrad.

The Soller collimator assembly for the spectrometer Prizma-2 (RAL). The cross-section of a single Soller collimator is 9x55 mm2; its length is 200mm; the number of collimators is 16.

The Soller collimator system of the diffractometer SKAT (location: JINR, Dubna, Russia) designed for the quantitative analysis of texture in geological samples. It consists of 24 Soller collimators focussed onto the sample.

Radial Collimators

The collimator system of the diffractometer EPSILON (location: IBR-2, JINR, Dubna, Russia) designed for residual stress measurements consists of 9 radial collimators. Each collimator is made of 48 mylar films coated with gadolinium oxide (total thickness: 50 Μm). The angular divergence of the walls of a single channel is 6 mrad. The focus of each collimator is at a distance of 200 mm from its entrance. The collimators are joined into three blocks of 3 collimators in each and are positioned on a circumference around the sample. Each collimator intercepts neutrons within an angular range ±8°. Each collimator can be mechanically adjusted to optimize the geometry of the experiment. Users


Diffractometers: Prizma 1, Prizma 2, Rotax (ISIS, RAL, UK)
Diffractometer SKAT
Diffractometer EPSILON